Selands Funeral Home


You are most likely exploring our website to prepare you for a very difficult event: planning a funeral and tribute for a loved one.

We want to assure you that Seland Funeral Home will guide you through this emotional time with integrity and a deep compassion.

We are committed to providing helpful, informative and personal service. We value each family we serve, keeping in mind and putting into practice the Golden Rule: serving others as we would want to be served.

We will help you celebrate a life and honor a special person. We can take care of everything so you will be less burdened in this often emotionally exhausting time. 

Turn to us. Let us take your hand as you say “Farewell for now” to your loved one…while giving them an unforgettable and much deserved tribute. 


We are a member of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA)
and as such, we adhere to a strict Code of Professional Conduct that ensures
the highest professional standards and quality of service to families.